Pittsburgh Ground Zero For SEO and Technology

If you haven’t been paying close attention, Pittsburgh, which once use to be a city known for their steel production (hence the nickname steel city), has been quietly been building up to be a mini Silicon Valley. Once you start to realize a few big important factors, you too will understand why.

Pittsburgh has some major players that already have homes in the up and coming city such as Google and Uber. We have learned that Facebook has recently bought some property in the steel city for their Oculus VR development program. So the big question becomes why are these massive tech companies moving into the steel city? Well for one, Pittsburgh as a whole is very affordable especially compared to the insane prices of California and Silicon Valley. The cost of living is much better than where these tech giants have their corporate headquarters as well. This means a win-win situation for both the employee of these tech companies and for the companies as well. Happy employees are very productive employees.

Speaking about employees, that is also another piece of the puzzle that makes sense. Carnegie Mellon University is a top ranked college for engineering, robotics, and IT. All of the ingredients needed for a big tech company. If the cream of the crop employees come out of a top ranked school, has an affordable living cost, it is actually really smart to set up shop in that city to attract those college grads now looking for work and want to be employed by great companies. In fact, we also learned that a lot of Silicon Valley top executives are alumni from Carnegie Mellon University.

So really, Pittsburgh is the best city to be in to learn and get a job with anything related to technology. Search Engine Optimization, part of the Internet Marketing realm is also on the rise in the steel city as well. Google, the search engine giant has called Pittsburgh home since 2010. The folks over at Newked invited us down for a chit chat to discuss more.

“SEO has become such an important part of marketing a business especially since the average business owner has finally accepted that the Internet is where their target audience is”, a rep for Newked said. Newked has grown from a one man agency to now having a few assistants and just hired their first full time employee. Where did they find this employee? Pittsburgh of course! However since Search Marketing is taught very minimal in the professional education environment, Newked isn’t looking for an individual with a marketing background. They are looking for those individuals who are tech savvy, know html code, can create websites etc. Newked’s founder, Todd has mentioned he gets requests all the time from people with a marketing background on how to get a job. “Most of these people have marketing degrees and the college courses do a mix of traditional marketing while giving a broad synopsis on how to market in today’s business landscape. So I tell them to find a more niche specific area within marketing and become a master at it.” Todd said that the future plans for his company is to branch out into other cities.

If you are interested in applying for a position with Pittsburgh SEO – Team Newked, keep an eye out for their open applications. As they grow, they certainly will need top end talent and they would like to hire from within this growing tech city.