So You Want To Learn About SEO Huh?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing web content for the web, more specifically, the search engines. Referred as SEO, it can be quite confusing to some how this process is done so this website is all about teaching you the best practices for SEO.

Search engines like Google have come up with rules or algorithms to help webmasters optimize their websites and web pages. It is important to adhere to these algorithms so your website doesn’t get penalized and get a reduction in website traffic. Getting website traffic, getting more clicks to the website, and getting more eyeballs on your website and website content is the key goal with SEO.

Google and the search engines want to serve up the best quality websites and the best quality content to its customers, which are the searchers using the search engine. It is always best to start off with great content that will engage to end user and also the content should 100% original. This means that you shouldn’t copy and paste from another article you saw and put it on your website and call it your own. The search engines have an index, or file cabinet of all the website content in it’s database. You don’t want Google to find out you used somebody else’s work. That can be bad for you and could cause you to have a penalty. You want 100% original website content. Another tip for starters is that, you don’t want to oversell your content. If you are trying to sell paintballs for example, you want your website to show up highly for paintballs however you shouldn’t have that keyword stated over and over again in your website content. That is called keyword stuffing. Google doesn’t like that either.

Look around the website and get familiar with it. We will be featuring great content posts from SEOs from many different cities. So stay tuned to All About SEO!